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Montana Sky

A Poem by Ted Cote

· fishing,Montana,Gallatin River
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Been thinking about the river all day.

Waiting for this evening on the Gallatin.

The canyon calls to me as the cool of night draws near.

Rod and reel in back, I pass beside a whitetail deer.

The Montana sky lifts me higher.

The browns and rainbows don’t know I’m coming.

Up past Spanish creek, the sky purple, then fire.

Meadowlarks and tundra swans fly low along the river’s edge,

Presenting dry, a bead belly damsel dances and flies

Waiting for a strike, a loon watches me from her ledge

Silver emerges, turns and takes the disguise

Setting it firmly, readying my net, the sun glimmers off the pocket

The german brown fights fiercely, this one I won’t forget.

Casting away my cares,

Surrounded by trees, mountains, white water and grizzly bears.

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