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My ideas for true election reform.

Ted Cote

Imagine each candidate with their own TV channel, zero fundraising and no running mate.

This crazy election season has inspired me to think of how I think we should elect our President.

Here's six ideas.

1) Keep the standard qualifications - 35 years old and born in the U.S.

2) Every American taxpayer is Automatically eligible and registered to vote when they turn 18. Eliminates voter registration issues. Ensures largest possible voter participation.

3) Each taxpayer pays $50 per year to pay for the Campaign Budget Fund - This fund is a pool reserved for eligible Presidential candidates who get a minimum number of supportive and verified signatures (showing some basic level of support) A portion of the fund is reserved for the Top 5 candidates. The money is divided equally for them to campaign with. No other forms of fundraising is allowed. This minimizes or eliminates the advantages of rich candidates and eliminates Super-Pacs and other special interest influences. The Top 5 candidates are each given a dedicated commercial-free TV channel that can be used to communicate to prospective voters about their positions, agendas, inspirations, vision, backgrounds, etc. This minimizes the influence of the bias of the media, celebrities, party affiliations and insures balanced and fair coverage of each candidate. All debates would be neutrally moderated and the questions would always come from a pool of questions submitted by the public.

The Top 5 candidates are each given a dedicated commercial-free TV channel

4) Election Weekend - Eliminate the traditional Tuesday election day and replace with "Election Weekend" and allow voting to occur from Friday 8:00AM to Sunday at 5:00PM. No early poll results. The Winner would be declared on Monday at Noon. Create a secure digital online method of voting privately - eliminating the high cost of elections, low turnout and reduces chance of voter fraud and human error. The security would rival online banking.

5) Eliminate the Electoral College System and replace with a straight "Most Popular - Most Votes Wins" - this eliminates the possibility of us electing a President who did not receive the most votes.

6) Eliminate the VP running mate - The Presidential candidate with the second most votes automatically becomes the VP. This eliminates the fear of ending up with a Tim Kaine or Sarah Palin and ensures that the VP will likely be well-received if something befalls the President.

If only I were President...

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